Men masturbate

Isn’t it so fucking hot to think about just how many dudes around the world are getting lost in their cockbate at this very minute? We all know that all guys masturbate - and I’m sure all guys here on Tumblr bate their cocks while looking at the hot pics and clips. I wish all dudes were more open and honest about the fact that they masturbate. Some are addicted to it (like me) and some love to spend their time edging or having multiple orgasms. Most guys just “jack off” and beat out a quick cum load to relieve their tension. But I truly love the other guys - the ones who absolutely LOVE to masturbate, take their time, slowly edge and edge and edge until they’re gooning out so fucked up on their cockbate. I love helping other dudes learn to take their time - to slowly bate for HOURS, not a few minutes. They usually thank me once they’ve learned to relax and spend hours enjoying the intense pleasure their cocks provide them. I’m always looking to hear from other batorbros out there - guys who LOVE to bate and watch or hear their buddy get lost in bate-trance. Shoot me a message if you’d be into chatting or bating cock together.